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In June of 1999, Mike and Michelle Potter moved with their 3 children from Ohio to Albuquerque, NM. Shortly after settling in, Mike took a job-related trip to Jemez Springs, NM - and his life would never be the same! He came home that day and told Michelle about all that he had seen. He couldn't stop talking about it, so a few days later, they packed up their kids and took the first of what now might be 60 or so family and friends trips along the Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway.


Over the years, as family and friends visited New Mexico, Mike "required" them to come along with him on what he called his "Santa Fe in a Day" trip. Sure, they could have taken I-25 at 80mph and made it to Santa Fe in an hour, but the things he saw and experienced taking the "back way" were things he wanted everyone he knew to see and experience themselves. The phrase, "Santa Fe in a Day" quickly became well-known among Mike's family and friends!

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This is the family with Mike's dad in 1999 in front of the red rock walls on the Jemez Pueblo. This is before the Walatowa Visitor Center (one of the tour stops today) was built. Mike's dad lived his entire life in Ohio and passed away in 2013. Thankfully, he made several "Santa Fe in a Day" trips and mentioned several times that this was the highlight of every visit he made to NM.

Over the years, Mike has threatened multiple times to start a business where he could offer this experience to more than just his family and friends, and he finally did it! If you want to see and experience the beauty and enchantment of New Mexico with your family and friends, then book your group's trip with Mike today!


Here's the family today. It's grown a bit since those first trips in 1999! This is a photo at the same spot 20 years later with Michelle's parents, husbands and grandchildren. A new generation is falling in love with Mike's "Santa Fe in a Day" trips!

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